Do you want to read for an MEd / DEd degree in History of Education at UNISA?


If you thought History of Education was old hat, boring and of little relevance within the education arena, think again.

History of Education graduates are being snapped up as policy analysts, opinion formers and policy-makers, and are highly prized in teaching posts that demand exceptional administrative skills.

The University of South Africa (UNISA) offers a Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree in History of Education

Education History is a subject that is central to the promotion of human values, including tolerance, as it records and diffuses knowledge of human failure and achievement in education over the millennia.

To access information on the UNISA MEd in History of Education, click here As a minimum entry requirement you will need an average of 60% in an accredited Honours BEd degree.

To access information on the UNISA DEd in History of Education click here.  Along with your DEd thesis, you will be required to write a scientific article, based on the your research.

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For more information on the MEd or DEd in History of Education, contact

Professor Johan Booyse

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