Using the library


For the History of Education student, the library will play a critical role in his / her studies. 

Even more important is how you use the library.  Consult your library and become thoroughly acquainted with everything that it offers. 

If you are a UNISA student, to access the online library, click here.

The library will provide you with, amongst other resources, books, journals, departmental brochures and publications and many other valuable sources of information.  Remember too that many of the latest journal articles are available online.  Consult a librarian to find out how to access this material.  

We would like to draw your attention to a fantastic feature of the library: the SA Media facility.  This enables you to access newspaper articles from the past conveniently and easily.  (You will need to be a registered student to be able to access this information.)  To go to the SA Media facility (if you are a UNISA student), click here.  Then click on 'SA Media'.  Enter your student number and PIN and you will be able to access this facility.  (If you are not as UNISA student, consult your university's library).